We offer prices that are honest, transparent and accessible for everyone.

We are 60% more economical than other brands. 

At Impress we believe that each person should have the opportunity to live their life smiling freely and that is why we work very hard to offer accessible prices of our treatments for everyone.

Precios honestos, transparentes y asequibles.

Somos un 60% más barato que otras marcas

Hoy en día, tener una sonrisa perfecta ya no es un lujo que solo se pueden permitir algunos. En Impress, creemos que todas las personas deben tener la oportunidad de vivir la vida sonriendo, y es por ello que trabajamos muy duro para ofrecer precios asequibles y transparentes


From the 3D scan of your teeth, our orthodontist will value the type of treatment you need in order to achieve your goals. 80% of our patients use the Impress treatment and in 6 months they have their smile perfectly aligned. There are also more complex cases that use the Impress PLUS treatment for longer plans.


Impress treatment

80% of the Impress cases


64€ / month

36 months

Unique payment


  • Simple cases
  • Align your teeth in 6 months
  • Everything included

Impress PLUS treatment


96€ / month

36 months

Unique payment


  • More complex cases and special techniques
  • Duration of 7-14 months
  • Everything included

What does the treatment include?

Everything included with no surprises or additional costs.

Pre treatment plan



  • X-ray and 3D scanning
  • Evaluation made by our orthodontist
  • Treatment plan
  • 3D video with final results of your new simple

On the treatment


  • All the aligeres you need
  • Access to our mobile application
  • Unlimited visits to our clinic

Post treatment



  • First pair of retainers to maintain your perfect smile
  • Impress guarantee. If you are not happy - money back guarantee

Why do we offer these prices?

In Impress we do not have intermediaries. We have our own clinics and orthodontists that allow our prices to be 60% more economical than other brands.

Impress Quality

At Impress we believe that our work and our professionalism makes a difference. That is why, if the final result is not the one agreed by dentist and patient at the beginning of the treatment, we will refund your money.

  • We are not a franchise. We work with our own clinics and associated clinics.
  • We are specialized in only one product.
  • We do not have intermediaries.
  • We invest in the newest specialized technology.
  • We have our own orthodontists with more than 15 years of experience.
  • Our product is made in USA.

Reviews from our clients

Merche P.
Merche P.
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Ready for the wedding. The best thing is that I am already seeing a difference in my teeth. My sister is getting married in 6 months and by then I will be finished with my treatment. I couldn’t be happier.
Dani R.
Dani R.
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I recommend Impress 100%. The attention by Dr. Khaled and his assistant couldn't had been better, they answered all my questions fast and efficiently. All the staff at Impress are kind and friendly. I choose Impress because of the competitive prices and I can 100% recommend the treatment.
Carlos M.
Carlos M.
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I just finished! I finished the treatment just a couple of days ago and I have only positive words about the treatment and Impress. They provided everything so easily for me. Finally a dental company from the 21st century!
María M.
María M.
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I am very happy with my new smile. I have tried to align my teeth a few times before without success until I became an Impress patient. The whole process was simple, fast, economical and best of all - I started to see the results after the first two weeks. I am very pleased about choosing Impress and finally I have the smile I have always been dreaming about.